“Now that corpse,” said the undertaker, patting the folded hands of deceased approvingly, “was a brick—every way you took him he was a brick.      去书内

  • treat dead people as a birck, how sad is that!

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  • 乐和彩登录Start with corpse,that's an unusual style.Maybe we can learn more from whom had dead.

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  • corpses尸体

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  • 乐和彩登录Comparing a corpse to a brick is rather novel but somewhat baffling.

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  • Huh..Comparing a person as a brick is a little special.But I cannot understand this sentence "every way you took him he is a brick".What is the meaning?

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  • it is very interesting that although the undertaker know exactly once a man is dead,he is nothing ,the author let the undertaker to say what he "heard" from the corpse,it is a very clever skill to make the story extraordinory. it hints us the saying cover something more profound.

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