The man considered long, then chose Love; and did not mark the tears that rose in the fairy’s eyes.      去书内

  • 乐和彩登录the angel has showed its attitude bur he misses it,so pity.

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  • 乐和彩登录I wonder why tears rose in the fairy's eyes. Love is one of the most precious thing in the world. Maybe the fairy can forcast the future and know that the man'love is ended miserably. So she felt pitty for his choice. Besides, is it possible that the fairy has chose love once or had a memorable love experience? The man's choice remind her of the memory.

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  • The tears that rose in the fairy's eyes indicated that the man made a wrong decision again.

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  • 呵呵

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  • It indicates that the man makes a wrong choice again.

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  • 乐和彩登录Here are some detailed description about the fairy.The reason why she cried is because it's a pity for the young man to choose a wrong gift.The tears are the hints of the ending.

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  • It's vivid that TW describe 'tears' with 'rose' instead of  'fell down', creating an image that the fairy's eyes were filled with tears but trying not to cry out.

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  • 乐和彩登录love always compared with tears, because love may fade away one day

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  • I wonder why the fairy's eyes were full of tears.Was the love the most precious thing that the fairy thought about?

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  • 乐和彩登录Love always appears with tears. Why the fairy crys is that she knows what would happen to the man in the future, feeling so sad.

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