A short time after he contracted gonorrhea from a sales girl in a loop department store while riding in a taxicab through Lincoln Park.      去书内

  • the one who has the grestest persistence will gain the sweetiest live

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  • It is a sad love story. But it is so real. Maybe we should treasure our love.

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  • The ending kind of remind me of Carson McCullers ,who is also a master in constructing a short and sad story.They both use simple sentences and words to record an event precisely .And this accuracy of language is what capture read's mind.It can remind us of the cruelty of war.Not only physically,but also mentally.

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  • 乐和彩登录We don't know how he contracted gonorrhea and what the boy and girl thought towards it.However the tragic ending may tell the true condition of those soldier who suffered the war.

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  • 乐和彩登录At last,although they loved each other a lot before,they failed to marry.And actually I have no idea that what the story intend to tell us.I think,if the writer warn us to treasure love or to help people or find the real man in your life instead of who have different dreams and attitude to life.So it is a profound question

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  • Life is hard but real.

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  • I would like to regard what he did as something a desperate man would do. As for the disease, it was not a punishment to finish the story, since the man had not done anything wrong, and its sudden appearance seems not logical in a  common story. However, in life, not only logical things happen.

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  • So this is the ending?a very sad love story?Many soldiers can not be together with their lovers after the war and so can this nameless man.Although Hemingway arranged the man to contract gonorrhea which means he wanted to sublimate the story,I still think he made this common love story more common...A very short story,without any highlight.

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  • It should be a good love story but the ending is sad,i guess the man must be heart-broken after the girl said good-bye to him so he lost himself and had affairs with a sales girl.

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  • 啥玩意啊,,,,

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