” Remember, Tracy, love is not a feeling, it is an action.      去书内

  • love is not just the feelings or the words from your mouth, it is a action, and the responsibility to take your right action.

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  • I can't agree with this statement more.If your actions hurt the one you love,is it meaningful?And I remember that it does't matter what a person say but his actions.

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  • 乐和彩登录Always saying love is of no use.Only when we take actions to show our care,our respect to those who we love,we are turly loving they.Besides,ture love means that we will rufuse anything or any action that will hurt them,such as the action hurting ourselves.So love peotects the one who loves as well as the one that is loved.

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  • If we love parents,we should live up with it into actions.

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  • 乐和彩登录We should express our true love for our parents through our sincere acts and

    乐和彩登录warm words.

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  • Love is not a feeling, it is an action. Only when we do something for who we love can we truly love them.

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  • What a good sentence!Love is not a feeling,it is an action."I love you"is easy to say,but is hard to do.Love shoud be proved by an action.Action is more louder than word.

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  • 乐和彩登录If we sincerely love someone,we are not supposed to commit it verbally.On the contrary,we are supposed to commit it into action.

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  • One does't know what another people think unless he speaks out or acts.If you love your parents ,don't be implicit,speak it out loudly and do something to let them know it.

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  • "Love is not a feeling, it is an action."

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