Any relationship that causes you to disobey your parents is a bad relationship.      去书内

  • i think this point can not stand for all situation. firstly, not all parents are getting a good concept, they may always be influenced by the social media and the other adult's words, the parents with low education can not make a good decision. Secondly, teenager should have some adventures, should get some achievement from their own decision, not just following the order from their parents.

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  • Actually, I can't agree with this statement.In my opinion, parents are second to none but not omnipotent.They may be wrong sometimes.

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  • Maybe it is towards the students in high school, but not for the colleage students.

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  • 乐和彩登录This book really emphasis the important role of parents.

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  • I cann't agree it at all.Sometimes I think my parents are too arbitrary.

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  • 乐和彩登录Actually I think it's right and it's the principle I obey now. I think that our parents are the most believable people in the world because of our genetic connection. They always take care of us. If you don't trust your parents, who can make your trust?

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  • That means we need to obey them even they are wrong ?

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  • 乐和彩登录This one, i don't agree with it that much. Parents is doing goods for us ,but not always in a right ways. Or should i say, friends speaking differnt opinion, is not always bad.

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  • 乐和彩登录I don't think so. Sometimes, parents can get bigoted though they love us every much. They may subconsciously make us to follow the path they consider to be the best or the path that they wanted to follow when young. To be honest, it can  be unsuitable for us or even go against our wills and hobbies.

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  • Actually,i don't agree with the author.Parents also make mistakes.We should have our own judgement to distinguish wrong and correct.

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